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So anyway, we’ve blogged before about how we have this massive, disposable whiteboard in the new office. What we weren’t quite expecting is that it would wrinkle of its own accord, and that writing on it would cause the surface to come out in raised patches as the ink dries.

Our manager recently erased an important planning diagram to make way for a blank space, and I decided it would be best to restore this diagram to its former glory by going over the raised patches where the ink had been. Unfortunately, some of the text was very indistinct so I had to make a few guesses here and there. I think the overall gist of it has been preserved though.

You may have to click through to the full size, just this once…

William Tell

This doodle is to announce, commemorate and glorify our recent acquisition of a piece of equipment no office should be without: the crossbow.

Glen aims for something interesting. Also in this picture you can see the target, which, like the rest of us, he's ignoring.