Adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom

The corridor outside our office is currently infested in one corner with a strange yellow fungus that looks almost, but not quite, like mushrooms. The culprit seems to be a leaking radiator pipe which you can see on the right.

This has been going on for more than a year now, with a particularly dramatic upsurge in the last couple of weeks, since the maintenance people turned on the central heating for the winter.

Since they’ve not done anything about it, we’ve decided to take the piss a little bit.

I would have preferred an infestation of badgers myself, but one takes what one can get.


The next big thing

So anyway, we have this sandwich shop near our work called Options. The staff of Options revel in the creative misuse of apostrophes, homonyms and the English language in general.The twisted perversions they have put up on the menu include:

  • “Potatoe’s” – the time-honoured classic
  • “Salad boxe’s”
  • “Sandwich’s”
  • “Try are square sausage”
  • “Reggea Reggea Sauce”
This, of course, has prompted us to nickname the place “Option’s”. It also inspired the following doodle, which is about the next big thing: